Pop-up preview: 18 Chairs Escape

Strength in numbers – Tracy Quertier considered this theme almost subconsciously when she decided to take Thonet’s #18 chair, unchanged since the 1800s, and invite 18 designers, from 9 design disciplines, approaching 1 emerging and 1 established designer from each discipline to have their way with the classic bentwood chair. Here’s a sneak peek as to how it all adds up:

Primarily an illustrator, with extensive experience in website and interactive design, Simon Murray wanted to move as far away as possible from pixels, a change from his average daily tasks. For his piece, Simon researched the Beech forest from which these chairs are ultimately originate – imagining the chair back in the forest completely camouflaged into its natural environment.

Emerging Industrial Designers Hutchinson & Wells believe that good design is concerned with making products that harness the inbuilt intelligence of natural systems, creating engaging products that are purposeful and environmentally benign. They are driven to create a sustainable future through design and are not afraid to challenge existing systems to realise this vision.

Established Interior Designer David Hicks has over 12 years experience within the design industry, and his firm, David Hicks Pty Ltd provides high quality design services, from architectural to decorative and furniture, to a range of residential, retail and hospitality clients.

Emerging Jewellery Designer Jasmina Krupic is one of the city’s most exciting emerging jewellery designer/makers. After studying Design at RMIT, Jasmina found herself drawn to jewellery design and now works out of Melbourne’s notoriously creative Nicholas Building.

Katzinka Tschierschky is a Melbourne-based goldsmith and jewellery designer. Born and raised in Germany,she studied in W.A. before moving to Melbourne in 2001. She has since been working as an independent jeweller, with retail outlets throughout Australia. (Worth noting: her chair features almost 2 kilometres of copper wire.)

Grant Amon is an established architect. His practice, based in St Kilda, actively pursues an ongoing interest in spatial manipulation, the crafting of objects and incorporation of local references and histories.

Yes, there is a chair in there. Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie (a.k.a. bonnie+neil) create functional and decorative pieces that combine Bonnie’s background in textiles and printing and Neil’s skills as a designer /maker of furniture. They always look sideways to see the value of the ordinary, the mundane. In every object there lies a story ready to unfold.

Some of the pieces pictured here are unfinished as yet, but you can see them all in 3D when 18 Chairs Escape opens at the Showroom, 237 Napier Street Fitzroy on July 17.


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