w. (web) Coming Soon to Federation Square.

by Una Cruickshank

The uninspiring environs of the Federation Square carpark will play host over the next two weeks to a bold purpose-made installation by architects Sue Buchanan and Eli Giannini. w. (web) is purpose built for the “dark and spooky” carpark, with its long concrete walls and low ceilings, and will be startling commuters for the duration of the MIDF.

As the name suggests, long-time friends and collaborators Buchanan and Giannini created w. (web) to examine interactions between the natural and the artificial – specifically, the way in which elements of the natural world, including humans, adapt to new technologies and built environments. The piece, an artificial spider web made out of 700 cats-eye reflectors, aims to use the ‘world wide web’ as a metaphor for electronic interconnections.

The pair have an impressive record of using humble materials to transform environments, in one instance using thousands of blue twisty-ties to simulate grass at Werribee Park (Introduced Species, above). By their usual grand-scale standards, a 700-piece indoor installation seems almost humble, but w.(web) is sure to leave an impression on viewers.

Although this is the first year they have participated in the MIDF, they found the theme Strength in Numbers inspiring enough that they’ve created two separate installations, w. (web) and One Pair of Legs, a fable in the form of a series of signs which will appear along Birrarung Marr. For both installations, Buchanan and Giannini will utilise what they term “urban hardware” in order to produce works which are “poetic, rather than prosaic” in locations not normally associated with art.

w. (web)

Thursday 17 – Sunday 27 July

Level 2, Federation Square Carpark (near Atrium underpass)

One Pair of Legs (A Modern Fable)

Thursday 17 – Sunday 27 July

Riverside Walk, Federation Square.


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