Pop up: Houseplay

Interview with John Stanislav Sadar of Little Wonder

By Tess McCabe

What kind of research was involved before embarking on Houseplay?

New prototypes in porcelain embody diverse processes in their making, fusing handcraft with digital technologies and production casting. Thus we spent some time looking into the relationship between the three, and how we might get from A (crunched paper) to B (mass-producible ceramic product).

What did you do to prepare?

We experimented with different media and methods to achieve the right resolution and effect. Different papers have different structures and hence behave in distinct ways, capturing different amounts of detail. Meanwhile, digital prototyping methods each have input and output resolutions. These leave an imprint of the tool on the final work, creating a sort of digital tectonic. So, play was the way to start.

Any surprises so far? Injuries? Unexpected turns that take the initial idea on a different course?

Things rarely go as planned. The whole process yields unexpected things. No injuries at the time of writing though.

Is the Aldelphi Hotel ‘just a space to exhibit’, or are they involved from the beginning? If so, how is their involvement shaping the vision of the final exhibition?

The Adelphi Hotel is neither ‘just a space to exhibit’ nor overly involved. We contacted them because of the qualities of the space: the foyer is visible, nicely scaled, and relaxed. The whole nature of the hotel is residential, making it very appropriate for products of a domestic nature. As well, the hotel is a home away from home, making it an escape from the daily routine. This is something we hope to engage.

If you could invite one person, living or dead, to view your piece at the MIDF, who would it be?

Philip Johnson

What do hope this exhibition will bring in terms of exposure/new collaborative relationships etc?

Rave reviews from the public and press, contracts from manufacturers, the formation of fan clubs, groupies, and lots of fun!

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you work on next?

An ultra labour-saving, life-extending, leisure machine (which also reads books and instantly uploads them to our minds, and exercises our bodies for us)!

Houseplay is on display at the Adelphi Hotel, 187 Flinders St during the design festival.


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