Until we MIDF again

And just like that, the MIDF has wrapped for another year. It was all over so quickly! I feel like I’ve been running/biking/tramming all over town to see what the participants in this year’s festival put forth, but it was most definitely worth it.

Personal highlights included…

the Underground x 4 exhibition at Tongue and Groove – it was a great example of how beautifully designed objects can transform a space beyond recognition!

… meeting designers such as Bonnie So and Jansen Lye and talking to them about their Pop-ups. This is This isn’t is a concept that will be on my mind for a while to come – the idea of re-purposing designed objects for other uses, rather than designing something using brand new materials.

… The Design on Toast Breakfast Series event featuring Chloe Quigley of Michi Girl fame, and pioneering brand strategist Stanley Johnson. It was a casual conversation-style forum about what effective branding has evolved into in this day and age, and it was a relaxing start to a cold July morning. Watching the sky lighten through the trapezoidal windows of BMW edge at Fed Square was a delight. (Note: I was slightly disappointed that there was no actual toast, or indeed any other breakfast foods or beverages, provided at this event. But, that’s just me.)

… and the Studio Open day, where local design studios opened their doors to allow fellow design practitioners and students in to ask questions, network, and learn about each other’s businesses. Although we may be in competition, it’s important to maintain relationships with contemporaries and to learn from each others successes, failures, and office layouts! On a side note, Studio Open participants and independent publishers Ripe Off The Press have just been confirmed as finalists in this years Telstra Business Awards, and after visiting the lovely studio of these two passionate women, one can see why they deserve such an award!

On one of my many visits to Fed Square over the course of the festival, it was sad to see some broken and vandalized plastic bubbles amongst the Index Award – Design to Improve Life exhibition. But overall, just looking at the turnout to the Melbourne Design Market and the queues of people keen to participate in Open House proves that Melbournians love their yearly dose of design festivities. I don’t know the data on 2008s festival patronage compared to previous years, but I think that MIDF 2008 has shown that Melbourne is happy to patronise events like this if they were to happen more frequently. At the very least, the Market might reconsider the design and layout of its stalls – for the benefit of shoppers and stressed-out stallholders alike!

See you next year!


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