About NDC

The National Design Centre is the only major, public centre in Australia dedicated exclusively to design across all of its disciplines.

Independent and self-funded, the National Design Centre is a highly responsive, ideas-driven company that combines these attributes with the experience to implement valuable and relevant design initiatives.

In doing so, it engages with the design profession, government, business and industry, educational institutions and the broader community, both within Australia and internationally.

Amongst its many projects:

• The annual Melbourne International Design Festival.
• Colourways, the region’s peak industry forecasting group
• Australian and international exhibitions and speaker series.
• Indigo, the indigenous design network.
• The ShowBox gallery – Quarterly newspaper, The Design Papers
• Mixed Business, mentoring and professional development programs.
• Wonderful Schools, workshops and exhibitions to promote learning and play environments for children.

Join us.

Register at: www.nationaldesigncentre.com
Email to: info@nationaldesigncentre.com
Telephone: + 61 3 9654 6335
Write to: National Design Centre, PO Box 18238, Collins Street East, Victoria Australia 8003

Visit National Design Centre, Federation Square, Melbourne


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