Program and Manifesto

Strength in Numbers

In a complex forest system, there is a constant fight and struggle for
survival.6 Everybody has those boots and you must have them too. It is
only fair. Voltron was originally a unified machine intelligence. Attacked
by Haggar, he was blown into five pieces. They became the five ‘lions’.7
The biologist Lynn Margulis considers Darwin’s notion of evolution,
driven by competition, as incomplete: “Life did not take over the globe by
combat, but by networking.”8 The people who count are ‘connectors’,
‘mavens’ and ‘salespeople’.9 Biosynthesis takes place within living
organisms and is generally catalysed by enzymes. Committees make
camels when they want horses. Does everyone agree? It is postulated that
five iterations of asking why is generally sufficient to get to a root cause.10
Do not worry, copyright will protect your idea from improvement. Two’s
company, three’s a protest.11 Guests are allowed to bring friends to this
event.12 It is this interest-earning-interest that gives compound interest
the remarkable ability to turn a small deposit into a very large deposit
over time.13 Wanted: someone to organise the anarchist rebellion. Must
be team player.

6 ‘Interdependent Relationships’,
7 ‘Voltron’,
8 ‘Symbiosis’,
9 ‘Big Tippers’, Mark Henrick, Entrepreneur, Dec 2000
10 Via ‘True Mirror’, a project by Dexter Sinister for the 2008 Whitney Biennial,
11 Strength in Numbers was an album from rap, metal, and funk pioneers 24-7 Spyz. Unfortunately for the Spyz, the Seattle grunge movement overpowered the music industry, leaving them without a record contract or media attention in the midst of their creative peak.
13 ‘Simple and Compound Interest’,

written by the fabulous Penny Modra


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