Bloggers profiles

Una Cruickshank

Una Cruickshank

Una Cruickshank is a writer and script editor. Her interests include film, photography and illustration.

Lucy Feagins

Lucy Feagins

Lucy Feagins is a set dresser and stylist in the film industry in Melbourne, sourcing props and furnishings for productions such as US feature film Charlotte’s Web, Channel 10’s Thank God You’re Here, and soon to be screened series The Elephant Princess. Lucy has also worked on numerous TV commercials for clients including Jetstar, Connex, Target, Telstra and VISA, as well as music videos for acts including The Living End and U2.

Lucy also writes the popular Melbourne design blog The Design Files (, with daily articles covering local and international design news, and weekly interviews with some of Australia’s most talented designers, artists and creative professionals.

Tess McCabe

Tess McCabe

Tess is an independent graphic designer who loves nothing more than arranging typography and imagery on a page in such a way that it looks ‘right’. She does this for small business’, arts organisations, government, publishing houses and not-for-profits from her home studio in Flemington.

Tess moved to Melbourne in 2006 from Brisbane (via ‘the World’), and it never ceases to amaze her how much of Melbourne there still is to discover. She is looking forward to uncovering more hidden gems via this year’s design festival.

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